• April 17, 2014
Battered Wife Acquitted of Second-Degree Murder

A Winnipeg woman who for years was subjected to physical and emotional abuse by her husband acted in self defence when she stabbed him to death, a Manitoba judge has found.

Cassandra Knott, 30, acted with reasonable force when she stabbed her husband, Orzias Knott, once in the chest as he angrily advanced on her inside a downtown apartment on Feb. 18, 2011, Court of Queen’s Bench Associate Chief Justice Shane Perlmutter found today.

An emotional Knott began wailing and hugged defence lawyer Gerri Wiebe after learning she was being acquitted of second-degree murder. Her tragic case thrust the historic abuse she suffered at the victim’s hands into the spotlight and became a focal point in her defence.

Click Here to read the full article in the Winnipeg Free Press, and watch video of Court of Queen’s Bench Associate Chief Justice Shane Perlmutter, deliver the verdict.